Mulfifold®  edge protectors are designed to meet the needs of companies operating in different industries. What our customers have in common is that they can count on an innovative protection solution and know they are supported by our technical experts.

When innovation revolutionizes the way things are done


Multifold® transforms the paradigms of traditional edge protectors by introducing a lighter and definitely better performing product. Thanks to their smart and innovative patented folding design, Multifold® edge protectors guarantee 15-20% more crush resistance. Multifold® also allows for an optimized storage level. The unique, patented design of these corners makes them lighter and reduces transportation costs.

Multifold® edge protectors offer 15-20% greater crush resistance.

Multifold® solution offers a water-resistant edge protector option.

Their lighter design saves on operating costs, helps to reduce the cost of use, and allows you to participate to reduce its environmental footprint as well as to reduce handling losses and transportation.

The quality of Mutlifold® edge protectors is constant to ensure the same high level of protection.

Product 100% recyclable.

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Sustainable development at the heart of the product.
Multifold® edge protectors are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. The patented pleating technology allows for less paper to be used, resulting in greater strength than traditional edge protectors. By being lighter and smarter in design, more Multifold® edge protectors can be stored during transport, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing Multifold® , you are helping to reduce your environmental footprint at the source.

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Your color will be ours.
Multifold® edge protectors can be customized with your brand colours. We offer 4-colour printing on all our edge protectors formats. It's a great way to make a good impression and promote your brand in the warehouse or at the time of delivery.

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