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Abzac, founded in 1928, is one of the leading producers of cardboard tubes and cores in Europe and Canada and of fibre drums. Today, it is a largely internationalized family group, whose head office is located near Bordeaux, in an 18th century factory.

Multifold® is part of the large Abzac America family, a subsidiary of Abzac, founded in 1928 and headquartered near Bordeaux, France. Recognized throughout Europe and North America for its various cardboard protection solutions, Abzac devotes passion and energy to developing innovative, flexible and adaptive products that are in line with its vision of sustainable development.

Abzac, continuously pursuing its growth, is today marked by its presence in Europe and North America to offer a complete range of cardboard tubes, fibre drums and cardboard angles.

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Abzac has adopted a strategy of proximity to improve listening and customer service, reinforce safety in terms of quality, ensure greater responsiveness and reduce delivery times and stocks. The company's culture is to offer the customer a guarantee of total quality of products and service.

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