Made for the long drive.

Some of our customers ship their industrial, food or pharmaceutical goods to the four corners of America. Multifold® edge protectors provide superior protection against crushing and twisting. The goods being transported are held securely in place. The unique and patented folding technology of the Multifold® edge protectors ensures that goods are better protected during transport. A real advantage when the road is long.

Protect the fruit of your harvest.

When you work with customers in the automotive, aeronautics, wood, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries, you know that impact resistance is a challenge and one of the keys to their success. The innovation behind Mutlifold® is the result of our research and development efforts and our close collaboration with our clients to design a solution that fully meets their needs while reducing their operating costs. What could be better?

Shaping solutions hand-in-hand

The technical expertise we have developed with Multifold® edge protectors means that today we are able to properly direct each of our customers according to their distinct storage and warehousing needs. Mutlifold® offers competitive advantages and flexibility in the marketplace. The benefits are great and every one of our customers can take advantage of them. Our customizable edge protectors can be perfectly customized to fit your image or the assets you need to protect.

Reliability that rocks. 

Multifold® takes advantage of highly technological manufacturing equipment for the production of its edge protectors. Our manufacturing and warehousing capacity ensures that we have control over our inventory to serve our customers in a competitive time frame. The DNA of our brand transcends in our know-how and at all stages of the handling of a new request.

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